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2016年01月25日 回到新聞列表


Set for launch in 2016, the RHA DACAMP is a compact, integrated portable DAC and amplifier designed to make reference grade, hi-fi sound possible anywhere. Through two asynchronous USB inputs, the DACAMP pairs with computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones including Apple and Android devices to offer portable, high resolution audio reproduction.

The RHA DACAMP is the only device in its class to feature dedicated channel processors. Each audio channel has a dedicated DAC and specially tuned amplifier for efficient signal processing and unparalleled playback performance. This unique arrangement ensures the DACAMP comfortably outputs to a wide range of headphones, from demanding full size models to sensitive multi-driver in-ear monitors.

Included with the DACAMP are a range of linking cables and accessories. As with RHA's range of award-winning in-ear headphones, the DACAMP features a full, three year international manufacturer's warranty. Full product information coming soon.